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Our commitment to quality.

3-star. 2-star. 1-star. 0-star.

We create transparency.

With our four quality levels we would like to fulfill your requirements with a greater accuracy and provide targeted solutions for your purchase of used formwork. Therefore our product range is subdivided into classified and non-classified used formwork.  

Our quality assessment is no secret. Our packages and offers therefore include the respective rated used condition and their field of application. 

Matthias Albrecht

Director Used
Matthias Albrecht

Four categories for a carefree transparency of quality . 

Classified formwork.

The used formwork is classified using a star-system and is divided into three categories. The level of quality ranges from higher quality to minor requirements for the daily operations of construction sites. The material is screened and checked upon arrival by our experts.  

3 Stern Bewertung

3-star formwork

Serviced & ready to use.
Professionally cleaned.

Formwork equipment suitable for demanding requirements.

To the offers.


2 Stern Bewertung

2-star formwork

Serviced & ready to use.
Basic cleaning.

Formwork equipment with greater traces of use, suitable for standard requirements.  

To the offers.


1 Stern Bewertung

1-star formwork

Serviced & ready to use.
Not cleaned.

Heavily used formwork equipment, suitable for minor requirements. 

To the offers.


Non-classified formwork.

Non-classified used formwork is only available in whole packages. The formwork has not been screened or inspected. Therefore we cannot warrant or guarantee safety or suitability for use in any field of application. 

0 Stern Bewertung

0-star formwork

Formwork equipment is uninspected, from non-operational to scrap-ready condition and is not suitable for any application due to the lack of safety.

To the offers.


Classified formwork is individually examined and rated according to our three-star system. Non-classified formwork has not been inspected or examined upon arrival, which enables more flexibility in pricing - you will often find a real bargain amongst the offers.

Philipp Haselbeck

Head of Supply
Philipp Haselbeck

Full transparency online.

Used formwork with and without classification.

You will surely find what you are looking for when browsing the marketplace for used formwork. From serviced, ready to use and cleaned to heavily used formwork equipment - we have it all on our 18.000 m² storage space.