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Second hand, first choice.

If your „new“ formwork or scaffolding should be used material, then you have come to the right place! We are your first choice for used material. Buy your formwork & scaffolding now at the Form-on marketplace.

All prices are excl. of VAT.

2 Used formwork

Kaufmann Wooden Beams H16
Formwork beams

Are you looking for used but immediately usable formwork beams with a height of H16? In this package you will find a balanced mix of lengths of used...

€ 3.25 / rm.

Doka Formwork Beam Package (Doka I tec, Dokamatic insertion beams, Doka H20 top)
Formwork beams

Grab the penULTIMATE anniversary package of the year!

Here you will find a great mix of Doka I tec beams, Dokamatic push-in beams (1.95 m) and Doka...

€ 28,900.00

Orlando with Numbers in his hand smartANNIVERSARY

We are smart 10.

A heartfelt thank you to our colleagues, customers, partners and friends who have supported and accompanied Form-on on its way to becoming the "first choice" in the formwork trading businss. We act with enthusiasm, and that makes us cheer together!

The used formwork of your preference is not available?

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