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Peri PEP 30-350 floor prop


Floor props
950 pcs. Austria

Peri PEP post shores in used condition. All props are galvanized and have a carrying capacity of 30kN.

  • The floor props can be pulled out. (extension length: 3.50m) 
  • The material shows traces of concrete and rust.
  • Even if the props are heavily used, they are in a ready to use condition.

The props are packed in pallets (30 pcs/pallet). The pallets are not included in the price.

Partial quantity: possible Subject to prior sale

€  42,90  / pcs.

950 pcs.

1-star formwork

Serviced & ready to use. Not cleaned. Heavily used formwork equipment, suitable for minor requirements. 

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Product features

  • Used
  • Serviced and ready to use
  • Individually inspected
  • Uncleaned
  • Suitable for minor requirements
  • Heavy traces of use
  • Load capacity: 30 kN
  • Galvanized

More about the used condition.

You can find an overview of our quality levels here: 3-star. 2-star. 1-star. 0-star. In the purchase of used formwork, transparency is important to us.

Inspect used formwork.

You can inspect the formwork of interest directly at the Form-on yard or remote via video live chat. 

Package 42059M consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight
950 PC 103063 PROP PEP 30-350 23.10 kg