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Hünnebeck A 260 floor prop


Floor props
131 pcs. Austria

Used Hünnebeck floor prop A 260 in good condition. All props are galvanized and have a carrying capacity of 15kN.

  • The floor props can be pulled out easily. (extension length: 2.60m) 
  • The material shows traces of concrete and rust.
  • The props are serviced, ready to use and in basic cleaned condition.

The props are packed in pallets per 40 pcs. The pallets are not included in the price.

Partial quantity: possible Subject to prior sale

€  16,40  / pcs.

131 pcs.

2-star formwork

Serviced and ready to use. Basic cleaning. Formwork equipment with greater traces of use, suitable for standard requirements.  

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Product features

  • Used
  • Serviced and ready to use
  • Individually inspected
  • Basic cleaned
  • Suitable for standard requirements
  • Medium traces of use

More about the used condition.

You can find an overview of our quality levels here: 3-star. 2-star. 1-star. 0-star. In the purchase of used formwork, transparency is important to us.

Inspect used formwork.

You can inspect the formwork of interest directly at the Form-on yard or remote via video live chat. 

Package 42040M consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight
131 PC 463021 Hünnebeck floor prop A260 DIN galv. 15.70 kg