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Hagele/Febe XT wall formwork


Wall formwork
1400 sqm. Netherlands

1400 m² used Hagele/Febe XT wall formwork incl. accessories. The material is not cleaned. The steel parts are in good condition, but some items show some signs of rust. Plywood 15mm has to be changed partly. For some panels there is extra plywood 18mm provided. The formwork is suitable for minor requirements. 

Partial quantity: on request Subject to prior sale

€ 35.000,00

1,400 sqm.

0-star formwork

Formwork equipment is uninspected, from non-operational to scrap-ready condition and is not suitable for any application due to the lack of safety.

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Product features

  • Used

More about the used condition.

You can find an overview of our quality levels here: 3-star. 2-star. 1-star. 0-star. In the purchase of used formwork, transparency is important to us.

Inspect used formwork.

You can inspect the formwork of interest directly at the Form-on yard or remote via video live chat. 

Package 10015E consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight
173 PC 589120000-HF240270 Panel 240x270
24 PC 589120000-HF135270 Panel 135x270
23 PC 589120000-HF090270 Panel 90x270
2 PC 589120000-HF076270 Panel 76x270
3 PC 589120000-HF072270 Panel 72x270
4 PC 589120000-HF062270 Panel 62x270
6 PC 589120000-HF050270 Panel 50x270
6 PC 589120000-HF046270 Panel 46x270
26 PC 589120000-HF043270 Panel 43x270
2 PC 589120000-HF040270 Panel 40x270
7 PC 589120000-HF030270 Panel 30x270
4 PC 589120000-HF024270 Panel 24x270
11 PC 589120000-HF135135 Panel 135x135
16 PC 589120000-HF100135 Panel 100x135
4 PC 589120000-HF Panel 200x135
11 PC 589120000-HF026270 Inside corner 26x270
16 PC 589120000-HF000270 Outside corner 270