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Doka diagonal cross 18.300


Load-bearing systems
90 pc. Austria

Doka diagonal crosses 18.300 in very good used condition. Diagonal crosses are used to brace load bearing frames.

  • The diagonal crosses are single inspected, serviced and ready to use.
  • The material shows minor traces of concrete.

The material get delivered in stacking pallets. Pallets are not included in the price.

Partial quantity: possible Subject to prior sale

€  25,50  / pc.

90 pc.

Classified 3-star

Serviced & ready to use. Professionally cleaned condition. Used formwork & scaffolding suitable for standard up to demanding requirements.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Serviced and ready to use
  • Individually inspected
  • Professionally cleaned
  • Suitable for standard up to demanding requirements
  • Minor traces of use

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Package 30012M consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight Quality
90 PC 582326000 Diagonal cross 18.300 10.25 kg