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Doka Framax clamping rails 0,90m


Formwork accessories
191 pc. Austria

Used Doka Framax clamping rails in the dimension: 0.90m.

  • The Doka Framax clamping rails are uncleaned.
  • The material shows heavy signs of use.

They are used for levelling between frame elements or for fitting formwork and can be clamped in any direction of the element. The clamping rails are also used to brace large-surface element assemblies when moving them by crane.

Partial quantity: on request Subject to prior sale

€  15,00  / pc.

191 pc.

Classified 1-star

Serviced & limited ready to use. Uncleaned condition. Heavily used formwork & scaffolding, suitable for minor requirements.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Uncleaned
  • Suitable for minor requirements
  • Heavy traces of use

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Package 44179M consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight Quality
191 PC 588150000 Framax universal waling 0.90m 10.60 kg